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Opportunities and Communities for Marginalized Genders in Tech

Opportunities and Communities for Marginalised Genders in Tech


The most recent data shows that women only hold 26.7% of tech-related employment. From 2020 to 2021, there was a 2.1% decline in the overall proportion of women working in tech-related fields. There is no denying that women as well as non-binary are underrepresented in the tech sector, from entry-level positions up to management and leadership positions. While this is a pressing issue there has been a revolution started to bridge this gender gap. Communities and organizations are trying to do their part in encouraging marginalized genders and providing them with opportunities. As a marginalized gender, we need to strive towards evening the distinction.

This can be possible by taking opportunities to grow ourselves, sharing them, and building supportive communities to build a growth-oriented culture. Provided below is a list of opportunities specifically for women and non-binary in technology. For some of them, their application windows are open for a couple of months every year. Hence watch out for the tentative dates given.

Please note that the dates and the application sites are subject to change, however, these are more or less identified according to the past cycles.

1. Grace Hopper Conference (GHC Scholarship):

Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) is produced by and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The largest gathering of female and non-binary technologists is GHC. Those who participate in GHC have access to academic and professional programs, networking opportunities, motivational role models, and lifelong memories! Students, faculty members, and women of colour in tech can receive financial aid through the GHC Scholarship to attend the annual GHC Celebration.

Tentative Application Dates: May-June


2.Abode SheCodes Internship Hiring:

With the goal of empowering women to participate actively in technological careers and promoting diversity, Adobe SheCodes is a programme that offers internships to women in the field of technology. Only students in their final and pre-final years may apply for this cycle (applications are accepted for the batch of 2022/2023).


3. Adobe Women In Tech Scholarship: (India)

By encouraging women to demonstrate their brilliance in computing and technology and develop into future leaders, Adobe is working to achieve gender equality in the scientific, technology, and engineering fields. The scholarship’s benefits include

The scholarship will provide:

  • Funds for the recipient’s remaining university tuition (she/he must be in their pre-final year) An opportunity for a summer internship at Adobe India
  •  Mentorship from an Adobe senior IT leader
  • Transportation to the Grace Hopper Conference in India, as well as registration costs.

Tentative Application Dates: August-September


4. Mitacs Globalink Research Internship:

Top candidates take part in a 12-week research internship under the guidance of professors from Canadian universities in a range of academic fields, including humanities and social sciences as well as physics, engineering, and mathematics. They offer a fully sponsored (travel, lodging, and stipend) research internship to a Canadian institution. This is accessible to anyone.

Tentative Application Dates: August-September


5. Nutaix Women in technology Scholarship

Future IT leaders can use the Women in Technology Scholarship Program to pursue and finish their educational objectives. They are giving away up to eleven scholarships to students in Serbia, Australia, the United States, India, and the United Kingdom who wish to use their love of technology to advance women. In India, up to five scholarships worth up to $3,000 each will be given out to help with tuition and fees.

Tentative Application Dates: November-May


6. Women Tech Maker’s Scholarship

The Anita Borg Memorial Scholarships are a collection of scholarships for female students majoring in computing at the undergraduate and graduate levels in higher education. In honour of Anita Borg, Google is supporting and managing them.

Students who have at least one year of their degree left in their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD program are eligible for the award. The competitively awarded scholarship has a value of between USD 1,500 and USD 10,000 and is given out based on essays and interviews. Furthermore, scholars and finalists typically escape to a nearby Google office.

Tentative Application Dates: April-May


7. Goldman Sachs STEM Global Scholarship

The Institute of International Education and Goldman Sachs have partnered to create the Women Enhancing Technology (WeTech) Global Scholarship and Mentorship Program (IIE). Overall, fifty students will be partnered one-to-one with a volunteer mentor from Goldman Sachs for a six-month supervised virtual mentorship experience from late March through September. Ten USD1,500 scholarships will also be made available for students who can prove they have exceptional financial requirements. The scholarship is not only restricted to tuition but may also be used to pay for other costs related to a student’s academic programme.

Tentative Application Dates: December-February


8. Orangesoft Women in Technology Scholarship Program ’22

Orangesoft provides a scholarship specifically for female college or university students interested in STEM fields of study or other tech-related vocations. As an Orangesoft Scholar, you will benefit from new financial prospects, a chance to influence the evolution of the IT industry, and a $1000 award.

Tentative Application Dates: September-October


9. Women in tech university scholarship scheme

A chance for young women to jumpstart their careers in technology through financial aid for their studies and paid employment in a high-tech North West software company. In an effort to persuade young women to consider a profession in technology, they are providing scholarships.

Numerous paid job opportunities, a personal development plan that is customised, considerable financial aid throughout university, and the possibility of a job after graduation are all features of scholarships. They will provide a salary of £600 per week for all work done for us in addition to a stipend of £10,000 per year for full-time university studies.

Tentative Application Dates: September-February


10. Yearly/Upcoming Hackathons aimed to bridge the Gender Gap in Tech

Each year there are hosted multiple hackathons with the purpose to make tech more inclusive and give female and non-binary hackers a platform to compete. Some Annual Hackathons you can register for: Codetivate 2.0(Hosted by The Dynamics), Hack Girl Summer (Hosted by MLH), TechTogether Local Chapters (Hosted by MLH and TechTogether), Hack Concode(Upcoming by the organisers of Hack Wizard) etc.

Check out the list of upcoming hackathons. Gender-focused hackathons will have a diversity tag on top:

Grabbing opportunities play a huge role in propelling one forward and stretching towards earning them however an elevating culture provides you with the support to climb mountains when you feel stuck, and expand your horizon by listening to and building on stories of hustlers like you. Therefore, being a part of a community that aims to close the gender gap in technology not only acquaints you with the latest opportunities but keeps you motivated and involved. Here is a list of communities for the same, there are many others that are smaller or more domain-specific. It is up to you to decide where you will fit in.

WomenTech Network

WomenTech Network is a group that supports gender diversity in the tech industry and links talented and qualified workers with top businesses and innovative startups that respect inclusion and diversity and endeavour to foster a sense of community. Events hosted by the WomenTech Network are by invitation only and emphasise networking, speed dating, interviews, and exploration while matching female tech talent in roles such as engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers, and other tech roles with opportunities at businesses that share their values and prioritise diversity.


 Girls in Tech

Using coding classes, bootcamps, and hackathons for girls and women of all ages and professions, Girls in Tech is a non-profit organisation that seeks to eradicate gender disparity in the tech sector. The goal is to “help women by providing the community and access they need to thrive in technology.” Since its founding in San Francisco in 2007, the group has expanded to include more than 62,000 members in 33 nations. Each chapter has different activities and programmes that are tailored to the needs of its local area.


Girls Who Code

An organisation called Girls Who Code is committed to eliminating the gender gap in technology and rethinking what it means to be a programmer. It consists of summer classes and programmes, after-school groups, career counselling, and networking assistance for college students. According to data from Girls Who Code, 66% of girls between the ages of six and twelve are interested in computer science, but that number falls to 32% of girls between the ages of thirteen and seventeen and to just 4% of college freshman. By providing them with assistance and a network, the organisation works to keep girls and young women interested in STEM disciplines as they mature.


Women Who Code

Women Who Code aims to redefine the tech sector and empower women such that they are equally represented among CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, board members, and software developers. The emphasis is on teaching businesses on how to promote, retain, and hire women, equipping women with the coding and programming skills they need to grow in their careers, and creating a global network of mentorship and support for female engineers.


Women In Analytics (WIA)

Their goal is to raise the profile of the women who are making a difference in the analytics industry and to give them a forum where they can take the initiative in discussions about the development of analytical research, development, and applications. The WIA community is open to anyone, and they strive to be a very inclusive organisation. Join the DataConnect Conference by registering.


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