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Dear Readers,

In this blog, we are going to brief you all about very amazing and useful app to check for immigration to Canada and get various details about education in Canada for students. This is becoming really exciting App to checkout by students for ‘CANADA’ which has now become a dream country for many people from all over the world. This app includes all easy guidance and step by step instruction about Canada Immigration as well as very helpful for students to migrate with all details about Universities, Colleges and after landing instructions.

CANADA has now become a dream country for youngsters for education and to settle their life. Since last 10 years the growth of visiting students from all over the world has been increased to 50% which shows how the impact of Canadian Universities and Government has win the hearts of every human being. Looking to the rush and curiousness of people, I Prof Umang Thakkar working as Assistant Professor in Ganpat University have developed “CANADA UNIVERSITIES, IMMIGRATION, COLLEGES & AFTER LANDING” Android Application as a part of my passion. This Application helps all who want to go Canada and also for them who reside in Canada. Here now I will explain each features of my application as listed below :

  • Check your Eligibility for Canada
  • Applying for any kind of Visa.
  • Canadian University Details
  • Canadian College Details
  • After Landing Instructions for first time visitor
  • Best Articles to understand Canada
  • Simplest and actual way of submitting application to Canadian Government

In Today’s generation, many people try to achieve their dream by their own through many popular search engine’s like Google, Bing and many more but during search they found many third party websites or links where many of them get divert from official page or website of Canadian Government. Looking to resolve the issues, I developed such android app that will help users to get redirect to correct official page or website so that user can make their dreams come true without any diversion.

Check your Eligibility for Canada: For any person to be a citizen of Canada by either way, they may check their eligibility of themselves to be part of Canada. Anyone can go to official page of Canada Government website and answer questions asked by them. Based on given answers you will get appropriate results whether you are eligible or not as well as will give details about government charges and document list to be uploaded.

Applying for any kind of Visa: Canada government has developed their official website where any person or agents get complete details about any kind of visa and eligibility with document list. If any person is not enough confident to do process by themselves than same is been initiated and processed by any agent for which they charge from their customer. Nowadays, many people being educated do the process by themselves. Looking to the same issue, I gave better options for users to select category for which kind of visa they want to apply and later on click you will be redirected to official exact page without any diversion.

Canadian University Details: Maximum people have craze about settling their life in Canada. Among all maximum traffic is about student visa from all over globe. Looking to this, many agents earn millions of dollars yearly making their business of admission in Canada as well as other western countries. Students who have just started their life to understand real life lessons are able to do admission by themselves but due to lack of information and process to apply they need to take help of third party agents and need to pay bunch of currencies of their country. Thus, to help such students, I provided a platform where any student seeking admission can search, contact and visit their dream universities directly and also get scholarships if applicable.

 Canadian College Details: International students going to study in Canada can also apply and do process in colleges instead of universities. Many students those who get less score can also go to Canada and achieve their goals by visiting list of colleges with different courses in different provinces.

After Landing Instructions for first time visitor: Lakhs of applications arrives all over in Canada and thousands of applications get approved every year. After getting success in first step, the next challenge and issue comes about the culture of Canada and lifestyle which is totally different from International students home country. If international students going to Canada have any relative than it becomes very easy for them to start their life with family support but for those who don’t have any relative or contact they may get complete detail about how to survive and what steps one should follow after landing in Canada. There are 12 things that an international student or any traveler visiting Canada for first time must follow and required after landing instructions.

Best Articles to understand Canada: Canadian Citizens or any students or any person always wish to travel and have fun by visiting or exploring new places. Here, I provided some articles where information relating travelling locations and culture about Canada is been provided to better know Canada more closely.

Simplest and actual way of submitting application to Canadian Government: You will be happy to know that there is a complete video guiding any one about how to apply for any kind of visa to Canadian Government by yourself officially. This will surely help everyone who wants to make their dreams come true without anybody’s help.

After many research and applying different ways, I have developed this android application for keeping this in mind that the app whichever I make should solve students or any person facing issues due to lack or shortage of information. If you feel like that this app has really helped you take at least one step ahead than I will request you to share this application to the needy ones or your friends or relatives or to them who wish to go Canada without any diversions or without any agents i.e. by doing process will full confidence on themselves.

Prof. Umang Thakkar, Asst Professor, CSE, ICT,GUNI

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