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Celebration of Vidhya Shilpi Divas


8th March is celebrated as a Vidhya Shipli Divas in the memory of Shri. Anilbhai T. Patel. He always tried to bring constructive transformation to Education.

Following the tradition of an Expert Session, this year Ganpat University welcomed Dr. J.M. Vyas, Director General, Gujarat Forensic Science University, Gandhinagar. The welcome speech was delivered by Director General Dr. Mahendra Sharma. He communicated his a debt of gratitude is in order for ceaseless and committed help for accomplishing the vision of Shri. Anilbhai Patel. He likewise presented every one of the transformations that leaded Ganpat University to the next level. He brought all the brilliant endeavors and gainful considerations of our dearest President, Shri Ganpatbhai Patel, into the notice.

The speech was advanced by the Expert, Dr. J.M. Vyas. He wished Woman’s Day to all and cleared why transformation is needed into the institutions and what are the roles of knowledge and wisdom for the same. His discourse was excessively persuasive and sort of otherworldly as well. He cleared the contrast between our intellectual and our mind. We seek happiness so awfully that we forget the meaning of life. He cited pleasant guides to clarify that life has its own significance and it ought to be lived paying little respect to satisfaction and misery. When one has such a manner of thinking, one ends up everlasting. In this way, the individual is perceived to be proficient and smooth. He ended his speech by dropping precious insight about living life and the session was furthered to the president Shri. Ganpatbhai Patel.

Ganpatbhai Patel, beloved DADA, began the discourse with an abundance of thanks to his companion and our wellspring of motivation Shri. Anilbhai Patel. He additionally shared why Ganpat University is viewed as in transformation. He ensured that this transformation will be extended at a similar pace. He shared a few experiences of his life and shared a nice perception that we should learn to be moving from the law of inertia. He glorified the efforts every individual is making to reach the dream of Shri. Anilbhi Patel had seen.

The session was concluded with warm wishes for the Woman’s Day as well as Vidhya Shilpi Divas ensued by Ganpat University Song.

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